Fertile Crescent

The Fertile Crescent provides premium fruit tree management services, ecological gardening advice and design, ecological farming consulting and design, and Permaculture design and training services




 and regenerative agriculture are age old concepts that are being re-discovered and are transforming the sustainable capacity of our land management and food production systems. It's simple really! Avoid chemicals, involve animals, protect and re-invigorate your soil, add to your garden's diversity and productivity whilst also improving the general health of our soils and waterways.

Fertile Crescent provides premium consulting and management services to help get your forest gardens, orchards, vegetable patches, herbal and medicinal gardens designed, implemented, vital, healthy and beautiful.


1. strategic ecological management of fruit tree systems

  • Pruning and Shaping
  • Soil Improvement
  • Chemical-Free Pest & Disease Management
  • Strategic Companion Planting
  • Nutrition, Irrigation and Mulching

2. general soil health and composting systems

3. design for gardens in urban plots and small spaces

4. design and supply of tailored ‘Micro-forest gardens’ - Each unit includes:

  • Planting-ready half wine barrel (on castors or palettes) - Also available as bare half barrels
  • Established Shaped Fruit Tree
  • Biologically Activated Soil
  • Tailored Mulches
  • Appropriate Companion Herbs and Flowers
  • Installation
  • Ongoing Management as Required

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