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THE forest garden BARREL PROJECT

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The FOREST GARDEN BArrel project...

germinated as way of beginning productive, 'portable' fruit tree systems in rental homes. Trees in pots can be highly productive if established and managed well. The system applies the Forest Garden concept to half wine barrels on a 'micro' scale. Each barrel is treated with a natural sealant and planted with a single dwarf fruit tree in high quality tailored soil mix. A selection of appropriate companion herbs, ground covers or flowering mixes are then added, along with unique nutritional mulches, and the system tended to premium health, beauty and productivity. We can supply these systems to your unique requirements and provide installation and ongoing management as required.


Wine Barrel Micro-Forest Garden: 
Individual unit price $300-$500 dependant on stage of development

Bare wine barrels:

300l (Hog)

  • Treated half barrel: $125.00
  • Raw whole barrel: $195.00
  • Treated whole barrel: $235.00

500l (Punch)

  • Treated half barrel: $200.00
  • Raw whole barrel: $335.00
  • Treated whole barrel: $390

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